Using the configuration guide to select a solution

Company profile

CTG designs and manufactures replacement windows and doors.  They compete with large multi-national firms by offering a greater range of designs with more affordable pricing. There are 4 designers, creating an increasing range of in-house designs – but each project is specific to the customer, as window sizes and configurations are all bespoke.

They are based on an industrial park where they manufacture the products and have a small showroom.

They have limited IT skills so want a simple ready-to-go  / one-stop shop that includes hardware and services.  They believe a hybrid cloud approach would suit them but really want to eliminate any storage sprawl.  At the same time, the need to avoid unplanned downtime, as this would interfere with their busy schedule of production / customer installations.

They have an existing rack which has 3 old servers that are not performing well.  There is plenty of space in the rack.

Some of their design applications require high performance.  Each of the designers is a power user – applications will require 6vCPUs to perform well. They also generate a lot of data.  They currently need to store 6TB which is expected to grow to around 9TB over the next 2-3 years.