Using iQuote – simulator exercise C2

Customer Scenario

A growing children’s clothes retailer operating from a small shop with 2-3 sales assistants at any time and 12 office staff, working from an office within the same building (above the shop). It is growing by allowing customers to come into the store – and if items are not available, then they can order on-line or even use an app. The sales team can place orders using a shop-front laptop, or can show the customer how to download the app, sign-up and place their own orders, so Wi-Fi access is important.

Currently there is just 2TB of data, which will grow by at least 2 x over the next 3 years.

Now that customer data is stored, and orders are placed on-line, a reliable disk backup system is highly desirable.

There is no on-site IT support, so they will look for remote services either from a local firm or even the reseller that provides the solutions.

Launch Presentation