Customer Scenario for Healthcare Copy

Business Focus 

Astrup Drug is a family-owned business that provides pharmaceutical services for independent pharmacies and long-term care facilities. The company has more than 200 users and operates its own 10 pharmacies—all united by the goal of providing personalized, high-quality patient care. To support its mission, Astrup Drug needs to be able to count on its technology infrastructure to be affordable, secure, and reliable. 

Business functions 
  • Billing and payments
  • Patient records administration
  • HR and Payroll
  • Pharmacy store administration including stock control
Business objectives
  • Reduce risk by complying with regulations about storing sensitive patient data 
  • Decrease operational costs 
  • Great employee experience with reliable and performant solutions 
IT requirements
  • Improve performance of patient data and stock keeping systems 
  • Make the IT infrastructure is cost-efficient and improve server utilization (currently they have 3 servers that are underutilized) 
  • Allow for remote server management
  • Provide high levels of availability for the database storing patient data – including access control for the different employees (user types)  
  • Include highest levels of data and infrastructure security 
  • Support 10 to 15 vCPUs