05. SCÉNARIO CLIENT – Améliorer la performance et le contrôle

Customer Scenario

Agro Tyre Distribution (ATD)

ATD is a family run European business that specialises in commercial tyre distribution.  It started by specialising in agricultural tyres (large farm vehicles) but has now expanded into more general commercial tyres used for trucks and vans. 

The core of the business is manging a warehouse with over 70,000 – and a distribution networking ensuring same day delivery for business within a 200 km radius and next day for up to 500km.

ATD has recently added a new fleet management service – its engineers run routine inspections of commercial fleets to predict and plan tyre renewals, as well as checking of any damage that may require attention – before a major incident occurs. As part of this service, they provide an annual report costs per vehicle and planned future costs.

IT Systems

The current IT is mainly based on spreadsheets with some basic integration with a database and a outdated user interface.  This is running on an old tower server (with 32GB RAM and 1TB disk), accessed by the back-office team via laptops (5 users). There are no dedicated IT facilities, nor IT staff.  All equipment will be kept in the admin office adjacent to the warehouse.

ATD wishes to use more advanced software for stock management – but is concerned about the database licensing costs.  They also need a database back-end for web apps, to support the new services they are offering.

They anticipate that the total storage requirement over the next 1-2 years will grow from about 1TB to about 2TB.  Most of this data needs to be backed up for archiving purposes and to support the DR plan – although DR is not a key focus at this point.


Consider a suitable SMB use case, then use the configuration guides found on Seismic – then use the iQuote simulator to explore possible options and select a suitable configuration for this customer.

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