05. Customer Scenario Copy

Customer Scenario

New Wave Marketing Agency (NWM)

NWM has undertaken a transformation in the way they work – and now need to allow all staff to work remotely.  They will keep a small office for a small number of workers together with some “hot-desking” and meeting space, and they already have a room for a few old tower servers and a rack with spare capacity (8U remaining).

The company has 25 staff, and expect to grow modestly over the next 3 years (10% YoY)

  • 10 general admin staff using simple office applications
  • 10 more advanced users – typically team managers or account managers that undertake more sophisticated analysis as well as using video conferencing applications
  • 5 designers involved in content creation, also involved in video conferencing.

They currently have a requirement for less than 1TB file storage and analysis shows that data storage requirements will grow modestly being just 500GB additional each year.

For this exercise, assume the following vCPU / pCPU ratios:

  • 2.1GHz processors – 3.5 vCPU per core
  • 2.4GHz processors – 4 vCPU per core
  • 3 GHz (or above) processors – 5 vCPU per core

Hint:  the configuration guide has a table that recommends vCPUs per user by type. It also suggest memory requirements amongst other metrics.

Use the configuration guide for HPE Small Business Solutions for Remote workers to select a suitable solution for discussion with this customer.