HPE Get More Tour: Deep Dive Sessions

These Deep Dive sessions have been developed especially for those who have more experience in selling HPE SMB Solutions with Microsoft. They provide a deeper understanding of the differences between the options and how to select from the available configurations.

Each of the Deep Dive Sessions covers 3 to 4 use cases identifying the target customer profiles and configuration considerations.  You will practice building configurations using a simulator during the session.

Each workshop in the series covers the related customer challenges enabling you to have more appropriate conversations, aligning the features and benefits to your customer challenges.

You can join all three to gain a thorough understanding of the HPE Solutions for SMB with Microsoft and will practice selecting the right use case and configurations using tools such as HPE Seismic and HPE iQuote featuring HPE Flex Offers.

Deep dive Session – Supporting Growth HPE DeepDive

In this session, you will learn about the specific challenges faced by businesses in the early stages of growth, and how you can identify where IT can help them achieve their goals, without taking focus away from their business.  Exercises and discussions will help develop your skills, and you will learn more about positioning HPE SMB solutions including: 

Small Office Deployment

A simple approach for your first, complete IT solution

File & Backup

Stay in control of your growing data needs

Shared Storage

Improved performance for your increasing data storage needs


Deep Dive Session – Improving Performance & Control

In this session, you will explore  how to help customers whose main concern is about user experience whilst maintaining security.  For these businesses,  digital user interaction is critical to success which may include on-line transactions or equally collaboration – whilst protecting data.  You’ll learn how to position the following SMB solutions to address the challenges faced by these customers: 


Gives you secure and reliable application performance


Enhance your users’ experience with a database optimized solution

Shared Storage

Improved performance for your increasing data storage needs


Deep Dive Session – Managing Complexity HPE DeepDive

More complex solutions may be needed to support the needs of larger businesses or those who use, or even develop, an increasing diverse range of apps or business functions. A truly consultative approach is required to understand these needs and to position the best solutions that may even be deployed on multiple sites.  Exercises and sizing simulations will enable you to practice using the HPE tools that will help you with these solutions, including: 

Remote Workers

Fast and secure access for all your apps and data from anywhere


Simplify your IT management and increase up-time

Virtualization & Containers

Efficient IT for your increasingly diverse departmental needs