We are excited to announce the HPE Get More Tour – SMB Vertical Series

Highly engaging and interactive live online sales workshops.

Join us for a fun and dynamic experience – and a great way to learn how to identify new opportunities within the growing and evolving SMB market. You will learn about the digital transformation challenges that are typical for each vertical and their specific digital business processes and workflows. During the workshop, we will work through customer scenarios enabling you to practice your skills and develop your knowledge with an appropriate HPE Solution with Microsoft.

During these workshops you will use the learning platform to access materials and exercises  – all supported by expert trainer presentations, group discussions and quizzes. This is so much more than just another webinar, so join up today and build your SMB Vertical expertise!

Southern Europe (SEUR)


Germany, Austria, Switzerland (DACH)


North America

Central Europe, Russia, Turkey, Africa (CERTA)

North West Europe (NWE)